Farmina N&D Quinoa ( Skin & Coat ) Duck, Coconut and Turmeric Grain-Free Adult Dog Food

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2.5Kg, 7Kg


ANALYTICAL COMPOUNDS Crude protein 23.00%; Crude fat 12.00%; Crude fibres 2.80%; Moisture 9.00%; Crude ash 7.90%; Calcium 1.00%; Phosphorus 0.80%; Omega-6 fatty acids 2.20%; Omega-3 fatty acids 0.40%; DHA 0.20%; EPA 0.10%; Glucosamine 1200mg/kg; Chondroitin sulphate 900mg/kg


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Duck, quinoa, coconut and turmeric recipe.
A specific formula for food sensitivities, useful to restore and maintain skin and hair wellness. N&D Quinoa Skin & Coat is a complete dietetic food for dogs, suggested for the reduction of ingredient and nutrient intolerances Suitable For – All Dog Breeds
Life-stage – Adult Dogs
Flavour: Duck, Coconut & Turmeric
Recommended length of time: 3 to 8 weeks. If signs of intolerance disappear, this feed can be used indefinitely.
92% of protein from animal origin, 0% artificial preservatives, 0% grains
The use of a single animal protein source that is Duck in Skin & Coat diet helps against food intolerance and allergies already known against other more common protein sources.
It is enriched with Fish Oil, Omega-3 fatty acid and vitamins that reduce inflammation at various organs and body parts, like skin and gastrointestinal tract.
The functional ingredients like Coconut is rich in Zinc which helps protect skin.
Turmeric is rich in natural antioxidants and provides important nutrients for skin repair.