Jinny Tuna Flavored Cat Treat

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Ingredients: chicken meat, white fish, wheat flour, glyerine, sorbitol, wheat gluten, sugar, taurine, fish oil, flavor, vitamin E, colorant


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Jinny Tuna Cat Snack is an appetising cat treat that is suitable for all breeds of cats. The irresistible Tuna fish and Chicken meat adds to the palatability of the treat and gives your cats enough protein content for building muscle mass and strength. This snack also contains important vitamins and minerals that keeps robust bones and teeth in the cats. Small traces of Taurine have been added in the treat for boosting the cardiac health of the cats. Jinny Tuna Cat Snack, contains Vitamin E as an antioxidant that strengthens the defence mechanism of the cats, protecting them from various illnesses.

Key Features:

Made from delicious Tuna and Chicken Meat that suits all breeds
Omega 3 fatty acids improve eyesight and skin health
Important minerals in the treat strengthen bones and teeth
Vitamin E boosts your cat’s immunity
Taurine plays a vital role in improving your cat’s heart health