Me-O Creamy Treats - Tuna Bonito Flavor

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300gm (15g*20 sachets), 60gm (15g*4 sachets)


Get the highly nourishing Me-O Creamy Cat Treats Bonito Flavour at pets that bolsters the overall health of your cats.


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The Me-O Creamy Treats Tuna Bonito is a great way to reward your pet. Flavoured with bonito, your cat will love these velvety creamy treats that also contain Omega 6, Zinc, taurine and fibre!
Key Features:

Taurine, Omega 6, Zinc and Fibre
Tuna Bonito flavour
Always check with your vet before altering your pet’s diet
Ensure that your pet always has access to clean drinking water
Check for possible allergens
Never feed above recommended quantities