Rena's Recipe Kitty Licks- Tuna with Salmon

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450gm (15g*30 pack), 60gm (15g*4 pack)


Ingredients: Tuna,Modified tapioca starch, Flavoring, guar gum, salmon oil, carageenan, saalmon protein spray dried.


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Rena’s Kitty Licks Tuna with Salmon is a delectable treat for every adult cat. It contains tuna and is high in fiber, which helps the digestive system. Taurines, which are found in Rena’s Kitty Licks Tuna with Salmon, help with vision. It contains Omega 6, Zinc, and DL-Methionine, which help to improve the skin and coat. Made in Thailand. Rich Creamy, Lickable Treat. Tuna with Salmon Flavor. No artificial colors used.


Delicious Tuna flavour
Rich in fiber, helps the digestive system
Taurine aids the vision
Contains Omega 6, Zinc and DL-Methionine improve the skin and coat